West Bengal State Data Centre (WBSDC): Revamped Tier-III WBSDC , ISO 27001 & ISO 20000 standard is made fully operational in February 2019. The new Revamped Tier 3 standard Energy Efficient SDC has provisioning of additional 84 server racks (42U) comprising of 6 Cold Aisle Containment. Presently 94 + applications are hosted in the production environment which includes large applications as well as integrated application platform e.g. WB eDistrict Application Platform , Silpasathi EODB Application Platform, SSDG Application platform where G2C /G2B/G2G services are operational. SDC approaches towards setting up Software Defined Data Centre (SDDC) in phases equipped with Software Defined Network (SDN) ready infrastructure. The cloud driven architecture of the SDC is ready with Services on Demand, Adaptive Architecture, Defined Life Cycle Management with enterprise class support and capability to manage hybrid virtualization and cloud platform. SDC is  equipped with an internal Security Operations Centre (SOC) fitted with a Security Incident Event Management (SIEM) tool providing Intrusion Prevention System to the hosted applications. All major applications including IFMS, Commercial Taxes, Land Records, Excise and Registration applications are hosted in the revamped SDC with high speed 10Gbps/40Gbps Leaf and Spine Network Architecture. Besides Storage infrastructure of Co-located Applications, SDC is equipped with  120 TB All Flash High Performance storage in addition to 120TB SAS  Storage Area Network and  storage has been allocated to different govt. organizations.
E-District Service: This project comprises 145 citizen-centric e-District services (online software applications hosted from State Data Centre) covering 23 Districts. 10 more online services are ready for go-live. In January, 2019 the number of e-District service was 120 registering 21% increase till December, 2019. Total number of Users’ application count has grown from 51, 76,858 (till January, 2019) to 92, 72,579 (till December, 2019) showing a growth of 79% in the application count.
WBSWAN: 1778 State Government offices are currently connected through a dedicated and reliable West Bengal State Wide Area Network (WBSWAN) reaching all 341 Block HQs. A secured internet facility is provided to 2000+ Government offices. Video-Conferencing facility is made available at 450+ Government Offices (State/Department/District/Subdivision/Block HQs). All G2G & G2C services (eOffice, eDistrict, eBhuchitra, eNathikaran, eBahan, IFMS, etc) are hosted in WBSDC, and can be seamlessly accessed through WBSWAN. The bandwidth of internet services of  WBSWAN has been augmented from 1 GBPS to 10 GBPS. Up time connectivity is 99.75% in SHQ and 98.18% in DHQ.
e-Office: Commencing in January 2018, e-Office has since been successfully implemented in 53 Secretariats and 127 Directorates/Parastatals. All 23 Districts are brought under e-Office in August 2019. The total number of e-Files created in the Departments increased from 1,41,268 (till January, 2019) to 2,88,877 (till 8th january 2020) showing more than 50% rise. Number of users in e-Office has increased to 18052 till 8 Jan 2020. E-Office can now be accessed through open internet since April, 2019 as well as through the existing WBSWAN networks.
Single Mobile Platform: The Department has taken the initiative to implement Single Mobile Platform integrating on line applications for various government services through a single mobile application. This will provide a unified Mobile Platform where multiple government services (G2C) can be accessed by the users. Ease of using service would be enhanced due to uniformity & better and standardized User Interface (UI) & User Experience (UX). 30+ services of different departments have been identified out of which 22 Services on-boarded & tested as first phase for on-boarding in Single Mobile Platform in this financial year, 2019-20-21.