FAQ on IT survey


01. Year of establishment in West Bengal (Question# 2)?

Answer: The year in which the commercial unit answering this survey was set up in West Bengal by procuring ‘trade license’ from appropriate authority viz. Municipal Corporation / Municipality / Development Authority.


02. Head Office of my Company is in other state / city / country. We are operating in West Bengal as a branch office / sales office etc. Do we need to take part in the survey?

Answer: Yes, if your branch operation is in West Bengal has a trade-license issued to it; you are required to take part in the survey.


03. Head Office of my Company is in other State / City. We are operating as branch office / sales office etc. Do I need to fill the total revenue in West Bengal?

Answer: Your Company’s pro-rata revenue generated out from West Bengal needs to be filled up.


04. My Corporate office in other state / City. What will be my data on employees?

Answer: You are required to provide the average number of employees operating from West Bengal.


05. What is the reference date for filling up employees’ details?

Answer: You are required to provide number of employees as stood on 1st April 2018, the reference date.


06. Financial data of my Company is not available / is confidential & can’t be filled up.

Answer: If possible, based out of published annual / audited reports, an approximate data may be uploaded only after maintaining your Company’s data-confidentiality.


07. My company is not registered with any of the Chambers though applied for.

Answer: You can put the name of the Chamber; your Company has applied for.


08. My last year’s audit reports / annual accounts are unavailable / under process. How do I provide revenue figure?

Answer: You can provide an approximate figure based on previous year’s audited accounts.


09. What do the phrase ‘serving foreign clients’ mean in survey question Number: 3?

Answer: Any commercial unit based out of West Bengal serving clients outside India.


10. My company does not export Software but export some Hardware instead. Do I need to provide the same?

Answer: Yes, here the term ‘software’ means ‘software,’ ‘hardware’ and ‘electronic service.’


11. My organisation does not have CIN / is not registered with Registrar of Companies (RoC) / is not a company as per the Companies Act; can I keep it blank?

Answer: Yes.


12. Do I need to segregate the Male /Female in contractual and Trainee staff as well?

Answer: No.


13. Abbreviations

a) IT: Information technology

b) ITeS: Information technology enabled Services

c) ESDM: Electronics System Design & Manufacturing