Microsoft Warns of Unpatched IE Browser Zero-Day That's Under Active Attacks

Published on: 20-Jan-2020

Two days back, Microsoft issued an emergency security advisory warning millions of Windows users of a new zero-day vulnerability in Internet Explorer (IE) browser that attackers are actively exploiting in the wild — and there is no patch yet available for it.

The vulnerability, tracked ...

Cryptographic Hash Keys are here to stay

Published on: 12-Jan-2020

Cryptographic hash function is an algorithm which can be executed on data, like a file or a password, to create a value called a checksum. A hash function takes an input, or a message and returns with a fixed-size string of bytes. Any data can be hashed, regardless of its size or type and length, ...

Scam on Facebook: Man gets cheated twice of over Rs 1 lakh and this can happen to you too

Published on: 12-Jan-2020

A man residing in Thane got cheated by the same scamster twice on Facebook when he wanted to sell his furniture. The victim posted an ad on Facebook for the same. Three days later, he got a call from a buyer who offered to pay via mobile wallets like Paytm and Google Pay. Here is everything you must ...

Gmail’s five security features you should start using now

Published on: 12-Jan-2020

Two-step verification makes it impossible for hackers to gain access to a user’s account as it requires a user to enter a unique code that is generated every time they try to access their account in addition to their passwords.

Top 10 Dangerous DNS Attacks Types and The Prevention Measures

Published on: 12-Jan-2020

DNS stands for Domain Name System which remains under constant attacks, and thus we can assume there is no end in sight because the threats are growing increasingly nowadays. DNS generally uses UDP fundamentally and in some cases, uses TCP as well. When it uses the UDP protocol, which is connectionless ...

Google’s Project Zero is now being more considerate with how it discloses security vulnerabilities

Published on: 12-Jan-2020

Google’s Project Zero cybersecurity team is trialling a new policy where it won’t make security vulnerabilities public early after a fix has been issued. “Full 90 days by default, regardless of when the bug is fixed,” is the team’s new policy, which it will trial for ...

How UPI-based frauds take place

Published on: 12-Jan-2020

In October, UPI based transactions have hit a landmark of one billion transactions. Therefore, as methods of making payments have become technologically advanced, fraudsters have also evolved different ways to con you out of your hard-earned money

6 Unique InfoSec Metrics CISOs Should Track in 2020

Published on: 12-Jan-2020

Many have found themselves in a position where they are spread so thin across their security stack that duplication of effort and smooth collaboration amongst their tools and teams has become highly complex. They don't think they can take the time to train or test their teams — often it is trial ...

National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal Launched For Citizens to Report Cyber Crimes Online

Published on: 12-Jan-2020

Union Home Minister inaugurated the Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre (I4C) and also the dedicated National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal to the nation, a citizen-centric initiative that will enable citizens to report cybercrimes online. This state-of-the-art Centre is located in New Delhi.

Hackers attack Indian healthcare website, steal 68 lakh records

Published on: 09-May-2019

Without naming the website, FireEye said cyber criminals -- mostly China-based -- are directly selling data stolen from healthcare organisations and web portals globally including in India in the underground markets. In a startling revelation, US-based cyber security firm FireEye said on Thursday ...

CERT-In warns WhatsApp users about a new vulnerability

Published on: 30-Nov--0001

The vulnerability, which does not require any form of authentication from the victim, executes when the maliciously crafted file is downloaded on the receiver’s system. Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In),the national nodal agency for responding to computer security incidents, ...